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Our Mission

To create an efficient learning relationship between teachers and students through e-learning.

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Learn Anytime Anywhere

Msomi offers students an opportunity to access e-learning materials, anywhere they are and anytime. All E-learning materials are stored for better learning of students. Teachers can assign and assess finished students' assignments with a click.

Students can jot down notes while in class and when learning on their own.

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About Us

Msomi app offers students as well as teachers a wide access of learning materials.

Students can take notes while in class and when he or she is learning on his or her own.

 to It is designed in a student-friendly manner. A student can now easily do their assignments and submit them to their teachers through Msomi App. 

Learn anytime, anywhere at your own comfort.

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Learning Curriculum


Msomi App offers International General Certificate of Secondary Education learning materials.

2. CBC

Msomi App offers Competency Based Curriculum learning materials.

Your Solutions.

Msomi App is here for you. All the learning materials under Msomi App. 

We are all about getting rid of backpacks that cause shoulder and back pains to students for carrying heavy books. 

Msomi App has the soft copies on both solar-tablets and electric-tablets.

Share learning materials with your fellow students.

Get to learn from audios.

Put on Virtual Reality headsets to do practical this will reduce lab-accidents and increase knowledge.

Why Choose Us

Students-Teachers effect
Get to interact and balance teacher to student ratio, as students will get well taught by teachers whenever.
The app offers you an easy-to-use application; from easy access to soft copy books, to easy submitting of assignments to ease on making notes. 
Diversified Knowledge
Get to benchmark from different institutions and learn how different students and teachers relate with what you are learning.


Msomi App is efficient on how one can access organized learning materials and make notes as they are reading, that's superb!
Sam Carr Software Engineer
Teachers don't need to worry on how to assign students work after well-taught classes and access the assignment. Msomi App can easily allow teachers to interact with students.   
Robert Chase Accountant
I love the fact that Msomi App, allows students to compare different soft copy notes from different learning institutions, this helps a lot in researches and making learners well equipped with knowledge.
Jenna Simson Photographer
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