Msomi is a Swahili word which means a learner. The word is inspired by the fact that every student is a learner. Equip each student with necessary knowledge will not help the student but equip her or him for future endeavors.. One educated student can change a whole society what about a whole generation of students equipped with required knowledge?

Hard copy learning materials get worn-out that after a period of time, let's say 4 years, they are easy not accessible unless they are well stored, but with soft copy they can be accessed in a lifetime.

What a place to get all you want under one roof? Msomi App offers students an endless opportunity to make short notes while learning from the softcopy notes on the application, but not only that, they can also make notes while teachers are teaching them. No more paper work in class.

With the solar-tablets and electric-tablets, students will only focus on education while using Msomi App as the tablets are only integrated with the application for exclusive learning experience. No distractions from the world as they learn.

Students and teachers are able to use audios. Student can easily get access of learning materials in audio form that they can learn as they are taking a walk or working on something else, to let their minds get familiar what they are about to learn once they are settled.

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